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This is one of the coolest and most progressive classes where the child will never be bored. Our classes allow children and teenagers in a playful form to plunge into the world of science, the laws of the surrounding world, engineering and physics.

Our classes:

For 7-8 years old children:

We make children familiar with the phenomena and patterns of the surrounding world, with the basics of physics and electronics. We develop small motor skills, active attention, communication skills. We form the ability to analyze and correct inaccuracies. We design the models with electric motors, motherboards and sensors. We develop creative potential with the help of project activity.


For children 9-14 and 15 +

We make students familiar with the fundamentals in physics and electronics (lever, gear, sensors …) and their manifestation in the mechanisms surrounding us. We develop restrain and patience in solving complex design problems, imagination and creative abilities in constructing our own models. We study the basics of programming, we program the created robots.

Group classes are held twice a week.

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