Reading Fluency

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Reading fluency is a unique teaching technique for increasing the reading speed and learning.

This is a  4-months course.

The program consists of separate 60–80-minutes lessons, during which the child studies creative ways of reading and techniques of working with information.

Classes take place 2 times a week in the interesting and exciting atmosphere.

Reading fluency teaches to read smoothly and without errors. Pronunciation skills and text-understanding will be improved. The schoolchildren will be able to manage large amounts of information in a short time, so this skill makes further study much easier. Part of the classes is devoted to the memory development and improvement.

After our reading fluency course, you will NOT chatter 1000 symbols per minute, but you will be able to read 3-4 times faster than the most others.

Course helps to overcome regressions and falterings at reading, to use proper articulation and emphasis.

One of the main goals of the course is to train the brains to learn, to help it to remember the new information. Therefore, the program focuses not only on reading fluency, but also on exercises to improve memory. This will help to get improved not only in reading, but also in understanding what has been read.

Once a month, open lessons are held for parents.

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