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Mental math today is the new method of teaching children, but it has ancient roots. The incredible results of Japanese and Chinese students prove that mental math not only teaches children to count perfectly without a calculator, but also cultivates their imagination as well.

Mental math trains both the left and right brain hemispheres simultaneously, improving visual memory, attention concentration, creative orientation, imaginative thinking  and children ability to learn the reading fluency techniques.

It is proved that usually the most active human brain’s development takes place during the ages from 4 to 12 (sometimes up to 16) years. Our program course is designed particularly for these ages.

Groups are formed according to the students age:

Kinder ( 4- 6)                                         Kids (7 – 8)                            Juniors( 9 +)


In order to complete the whole program course, children have to pass from 10 to 12 levels.

Classes should be attended 1 – 2 times a week.

Course duration:

For Kinder (4-6 years old) and Kids (7-8 years old) there is a 9-months course: 36 case-lessons, one time a week, every lesson lasts 60 minutes.

For Juniors (9+ more, we are planning to create groups 9-14 and 15+ years old) there is a 10.5-months course: 42 case-lessons, 1 – 2 times a week.

First benefits from this course parents can see even after the first month, after 3-4 lessons.

There is a brief exam after 3-4 lessons, the successful passing of which gives the right to get a certificate of the level completion and to continue course at the next level.


The most important component of this program course is the systematic everyday short homework (15 – 25 min).


  1. The child learns to math quickly in their heads
  2. Beginning from the first lesson, children start learning the count with Abacus (a special simulator that resembles ordinary accounts)
  3. In a month:
    • even a five-year-old child can do the math in his head
    • 7 years child will learn to do the math in his head faster than you
  4. Maximum 2 months after, 7 years child is able to read poetry out loud and do the math in his head at the same time
  5. Thanks to fine motor skills stimulation, children’s left hemisphere is being developed.
  6. Schoolchildren improve their performance at many school subjects
  7. Children develop their ability to get success in many things.
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