Lego Constraction

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LEGO designers have established themselves throughout the world as educational products that meet the highest requirements. Lego-construction classes help children to realize their ideas, build and fantasize, enthusiastically working and perfecting the final result. When creating a building from Lego, children learn to build, choose the right sequence of actions, connection of joints, a combination of proportions, shapes and colors. Colorful details, a huge number of characters and plots – these are the main advantages of these toys.

In the Lego-design classes, children:

  • Develop fine motor skills
  • Learn to correctly and quickly navigate in space
  • Get mathematical knowledge about the account, form, proportion, symmetry
  • Expand their ideas about the surrounding world – about architecture, transport, landscape
  • Develop attention, ability to concentrate, memory, thinking
  • Learn to imagine, fantasize, think creatively
  • Build skills to mentally divide the object into its component parts and assemble the parts from the whole
  • Learn to communicate with each other, to organize joint games, to respect one’s own and another’s work
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