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In this not an easy question our tutoring center «Kangaroo Kid’s Club» is ready to help and offers chess classes in groups. Our chess coach will teach your child the chess basics, this will truly promote his mental development and, of course, will also bring a lot of pleasure to the kids.

The process of learning chess helps to develop the ability to navigate on a plane, and this skill is enough important for further schooling. Chess develop analytical activity, thinking, drawing inference, facilitate easy information memorizing, comparison, generalization and allow to anticipate possible results.

Chess develop concentration, patience, perseverance, and resourcefulness.

Among other things, this activity is the best way to form a will to win in a difficult battle.

Thanks to the attention of our coach to every child, his tips and help, playing chess from the first lesson will be fascinating for everyone.

In addition, if parents doubt whether the child has the ability to do this activity and if it is interesting for him, you can take advantage of the first free lesson.

Chess will teach children to be patient, hardworking and assertive in achieving the established goal. Among other things, it will be easier for the child to solve logic tasks at school, memorize large amounts of information and to become self-disciplined. Thanks to chess, efficiency and moral and strong-willed qualities are formed in children.

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